Saturday, November 28, 2009


Jigar Kirit Kantilal Sheth
(Native of Wankaner/Currently at Mumbai)

got married to

Shruti Kamlesh Prabhudas Sanghvi (Junagadh)

on 27-11-2009

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Nisha Dinesh Hematlal Sheth (Native of Wankaner/currently of Boriivali)

got married to

Pritesh Bipinchandra Jayantilal Shah

on 24-11-2009.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Veenaben Shirishchandra Mehta

Native : Morbi
Currently At : Kandivali, Mumbai
Name of the deceased : Veenaben Shirishchandra Mehta
Age : 71 years
Date of Death : 20-11-2009
Husband : Late Shirishchandra Bhogilal Mehta
Sons : Bhagirath, Dr. Mehul
Daughters-in-Law : Pragna, Dr. Falguni
Brothers-in-Law (Diyar) : Nautambhai, Niranjanbhai, Late Rajnikant, Bharatbhai, Abhaybhai, Dr. Anil, Vijaybhai
Sisters-in-Law (Derani): Chandanben, Manjulaben, Late Pushpaben, Dinaben, Punitaben, Dr. Snehprabha, Naynaben
Sister-in-Law (Nanand):Vinodiniben
Brother-in-Law (Nandoi): Dr. Navnitrai Vora
Father-in-Law : Late Dr. Bhogilal Raichand Mehta
Father : Late Jadavji Dhanjibhai Shah

May her soul rest in peace

Friday, November 20, 2009


Veenaben Shirishchandra Mehta (Daughter-in-law of Dr. Bhogilal Raichand Mehta) aged 71 years expired on 20-11-2009 due to heart failure. Her funeral will start from their house at 9:30 A.M. on 21-11-2009.

In the Hospital

Taraben Trambaklal Mehta was recently operated for Total Knee Replacement (TKR) at Hinduja Hospital. Subsequently, she has developed some heart complications. As a result, she is now admitted in Asian Heart Hospital at BKC. She is in ICU.

We wish her a speedy recovery.


Mansi Mahesh Kushalchand Shah (Native of Wankaner/currently of Juhu)

got married to

Raj Nayan Girdharlal Sheth (Native of Lakhtar/currently of Mulund)

on 19-11-2009.


Anjan Dr.Anilbhai Bhogilal Mehta (Native of Morbi/currently of Kandivali)

got married to

Bhavyani Jashwantrai Parmananddas Jaswani(currently of Dombivali)

on 19-11-2009.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Native : Wankaner
Currently At : Baroda
Name of the deceased :
Indiraben Chandrakishore Sapani
Age : 72 Years
Date of Death : 04-11-2009
Husband :
Late Chandrakishore Motichand Sapani
Sons : Milan, Rupin
Daughter : Rita Ajit Mehta
-in-Law : Late Motichand Dayhabhai Sapani
Brother-in-Law : Late Vadilal
Sisters-in-Law : Late Kanchanben, Late Taramatiben & Anusuyaben
Father : Late Keshavlal Devchand Mehta


Monday, November 16, 2009

Yuvak Mandal Election Results

Election Results of Trust Board and Working Committee of Yuvak Mandal held on 15-11-2009

Trust Board
Paresh Vanechand Shah ( Managing Trustee)
Pankaj Navalchand Doshi
Hiren Mahesh Lodaria
Rahul Rasiklal Lodaria
Atul Chandrakant Sanghavi

Yuvak Mandal - President
Atul Chandrakant Sanghavi

Committee Members
Ajay Rasiklal Sanghavi
Chandresh Ramniklal Sanghavi
Deepak Dineshchandra Shah
Jayesh Kanakrai Vakharia
Jayesh Trambaklal Doshi
Kalpesh Rameshchandra Sanghavi
Mehul Rajendra Shah
Nilesh Bhupatbhai Mehta
Nimesh Bhupatrai Mehta
Rahul Indrakumar Mehta
Sandip Mahendra Sanghavi
Yogesh Mahendra Sheth

We are once more thankful to Shri Rajesh Shah for providing the information of the result.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Native : Wankaner
Currently At : Borivali, Mumbai
Name of the deceased : Kirit Jamnadas Shah
Age : 56 years
Date of Death : 12-11-2009
Father : Late Jamnadas Jagjivandas Shah
Mother : Late Dudhiben
Brothers : Jayendra, Mahesh,Late Rajesh
Sisters-in-Law : Jyotiben, Shilaben

May his soul rest in peace

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Election of Shree M. J. V. Yuvak Mandal - Mumbai

Elections of Trustee Board & Working Committee of Yuvak Mandal is being held
on Sunday,15TH November 2009 at 2.00 PM
at Shree Rajsthan Hall,
Opp. Sambhavnath Jain Derasar,
Jambali Galli, Borivali (West).

Candidates for Trustee Board are
  1. Atul Chandrakant Sanghavi
  2. Deepak Ramniklal Parekh
  3. Hiren Maheshbhai Lodaria
  4. Hitesh Chandulal Doshi
  5. Jayesh Kanakrai Vakharia
  6. Jayesh Trambaklal Doshi
  7. Kamlesh Chandulal Sanghavi
  8. Pankaj Navalchand Doshi
  9. Paresh Hasmukhrai Shah
  10. Paresh Vanechand Shah
  11. Rahul Rasiklal Lodaria
You have to Elect 5 Candidates from the above list.

Candidates for Working Committee are
  1. Ajay Rasiklal Sanghavi
  2. Chandresh Ramniklal Sanghavi
  3. Deepak Dineshchandra Shah
  4. Deepak Ramniklal Parekh
  5. Hitesh Chandulal Doshi
  6. Jatin Jitendra Shah
  7. Jayesh Kanakrai Vakharia
  8. Jayesh Trambaklal Doshi
  9. Kamlesh Chandulal Sanghavi
  10. Kalpesh Rameshchandra Sanghavi
  11. Mehul Rajendrabhai Shah
  12. Nilesh Bhupatbhai Mehta
  13. Nimesh Bhupatrai Mehta
  14. Paresh Hasmukhrai Shah
  15. Rahul Indrakumar Mehta
  16. Sandeep Mahendrabhai Doshi
  17. Yogesh Mahendrabhai Sheth
You have to Elect 13 Candidates from the above list.

All those eligible for voting should go to vote without fail.

We are thankful to Mr. Rajesh Shah who was kind enough to provide the above information.


Anantrai Hematlal Vora

Native : Wankaner
Currently At : Andheri- Mumbai
Name of the deceased : Anantrai Hematlal Vora
Age : 73 Years
Date of Death : 8-11-2009
Wife :Kanchanben
Son : Nitin
Daughter in Law :Chetna
Daughters : Sangita, Heena & Deepa
Sons-in-Law : Ketan Ajmera, Jatin Ajmera & Paras Kshatriya
Father : Late Hematlal Shamji Vora
Mother : Late Shantaben
Brothers : Dr. Navnitrai, Gunvantrai, Late Hasmukhbhai, Jagdishbhai, Bharatbhai
Sisters : Jashwantiben Ramniklal Shah, Hansaben Mehendra Shah
Father in Law : Late Shivlal Lalchand Sheth


Whom will you marry your son/daughter to ?

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If you have a marriageable son or daughter and someone asks you a question like the one asked in the heading of this article, you will fumble to answer as you will be confused and perplexed. The answer to this question is not straight like yes/no or this /that. The process of finding a suitable match is very complex and mentally challenging.

If you look back a few decades, two pregnant ladies would make an understanding to get married their progeny if both of them are born of different sex. There only thing that mattered most was nobility of families. In fact, economically, most of the families were at par with each other so there was no importance given to monetary aspect.

Then times changed. people started coming out of their villages to bigger cities like Mumbai , Calcutta or Madras. There they got opportunities to advance economically. So new alignments unintentionally started in the samaj. People started to look for alliance of their children in the same category they were in. Still, people would not go out of Samaj. Not only that members would take pride in saying that their children got married in the samaj itself.

Again times changed. Today people are frowned upon when they say they have married their children in our samaj only. People have started going out to other samaj for they have become more selective and they do not mind going to unknown families.

Thus on one side change in economical stability has changed the perception about marriage. On the other side, TV has also played a major role. Good looking faces of actresses and robust & chiseled bodies of actors are shown which has raised the minimum requirement standard of boys & girls. They do not worry about nobility of the opposite family but go after their size & shape. Marriage has become a game as a result divorce has become a normal thing of life thanks to TV. What we forget here is those on TV are specially selected and prepared for the show. The money they spend on make up per episode is much more than the monthly incomes of many of the families of samaj. Have you ever thought how many good looking faces are there in all the gujarati communities taken together ? What are your chances of getting those good looking faces for your child ? Over and above this what is the guarantee that the so called good looking person will match with your family temperament-wise ?

Age as such does not play any part in marriage but 95% of boys will decline to marry a girl elder to him.They will go and consult a jyotishi and believe his words for happy marriage but will not see what is apparently visible.They try to find solace in the unknown. Have you ever seen a couple happily married and not quarreling ? Intimacy & closeness only breeds contempt. We will not worry about testing our blood for thalesemia which can play havoc in your life as your progeny will suffer life threatening disease and you will be spending lot of money , hard earned, on treatment of your child. You will not worry about financial disparity of your wife's/husband's family with your family which is likely to create sparks in the longer run as after initial phase, real problems come up and difference in life styles can create unforeseen problems in life. Educational compatibility also is compromised against looks many times.

To add fuel to fire, the middle man has vanished so new arrangements are to be worked out. A simple way out is to circulate the bio data of boy/girl at right places. Good advertisement will work wonders for both parents & boy/girl as getting right person is equally important for parents as well as boy/girl. New trend is giving the information on specially developed marriage sites for a fee or to display the information on our blog free of charge. But people are afraid of putting the information on blog . By not putting enough efforts in publishing your child's bio data, you are depriving the child of an opportunity of finding right person in his/her life.

Thus very vital things for marriage to work are ignored and trivial matters are given undue importance. If samaj really wants to sort the problem and would want to help parents of samaj in getting right boy or girl for their child, the children of the society should meet more & more to understand each other. Simply arranging Milan Samarohs for Yuvaks & Yuvatis will not suffice. Samaj should arrange for a day or 2 days trip for marriageable Boys & Girls. This is an Indian version of Dating. Once boys see girls for longer duration unlike meeting in a hotel for 20-25 minutes, they will be having a clear cut idea and may find interest in the girl he is interacting with. More over the boys/girls will know what type of spouse they can expect when they see many boys/ girls at a time. This seems to be a strategy which may work for good of the community. But for that you have to think out of the box. Be bold, be different.

Our samaj has to be a trend setter in this regard. There are many generous members in the samaj who do not mind contributing for trip of a day or two. Instead of giving the donation for Yuvak/Yuvati Samaroh, they should sponsor the trip. Is any body ready for that ? Who will come forward to experiment?

Monday, November 9, 2009


Native : Morbi
Currently At : Borivali-Mumbai
Name of the deceased : Rajesh Shankarlal Shah
Age : 59 Years
Date of Death : 7-11-2009
Father : Late Shankarlal Mulchand Shah
Mother : Late Ranjanben
Brother : Shailesh
Sister : Nita Jitesh Shah
Sister-in-law : Amita
Nephews & Niece : Yash & Raj & Karishma - Utsav


Sunday, November 8, 2009


Native : Morbi
Currently At : Rajkot
Name of the deceased : Vasantben Jevatlal Mehta
Age : 85 Years
Date of Death : 5-11-2009
Husband : Late Jevatlal Amrutlal Mehta
Sons : Suresh, Dinesh, Mahesh,Prakash,Ramesh, Rajesh, Shailesh
Daughters : Late Pravina Lalitkumar Sanghvi
Brother-in-Law : Late Haribhai Brahmchari, Late Jayantilal
Father : Late Savji Devchand Shah

May her Soul rest in eternal peace

Friday, November 6, 2009

Forthcoming Programmes by various Mahila Mandals

1) Machchhu Prerna Mahila Mandal :
Date : 07-11-2009 Programme : Fun Game Show
Place : Gujarati Seva Mandal Hall,
Below Rangoli Hotel, Near Arora Talkies,
Time : 2:30 to 5:00 PM
Information regarding Breast Cancer Detection & Forthcoming Kosbad Tirth Yatra will also be given
Snacks will be served after the programme.

2) Machchhu Mansi Mahila Mandal (Borivali) :
Date : 14-11-2009 Programme : Get together
Place : Sukh Sagar Hotel, Haridas Nagar, Borivali (West),
Time : 3:00 PM

3) Machchhukantha Vishashrimali Mahila Mandal :
Date : 21-11-2009 Programme : Best Recipe Competition ( Parathas & Salads)
Place : Yuvak Mandal's Office, Station Road, Dadar (West)
Time : 2:30 PM

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Bon Voyage to Ghatkopar MVJ Mandal

To day Ghatkopar MVJ Mandal is going on a pilgrimage tour of Sammet Shikhar. There are nearly 300 persons taking the tour of 10 days. They will be back on 15th November 2009. We wish all the pilgrims bon-voyage and a memorable trip with lot of fun and religious activities.

Monday, November 2, 2009


Native : Morbi
Currently At : Ghatkopar -Mumbai
Name of the deceased : Harendra Bhaichand Mehta
Age : 81 Years
Date of Death : 2-11-2009
Wife : Chandrakalaben
Sons : Late Pradip,Deepak, Mukesh, Chetan
Daughters-in-Law : Heena, Dipti, Surbhi
Father : Late Bhaichand Harjivan Mehta
Brothers : Late Ratilal, Late Kantilal
Sister : Vimlaben Kantilal Shah
Father-in-Law : Late Amritlal Padamshi Shah

Very few members of the samaj would not have heard the name of Harendrabhai Bhaichand Mehta. He was socially very active and a charitable person. For some time, he was not keeping well and as a result he was not seen on the Samaj activity radar. He Served the Samaj as the President in Vir Savat 2042 & 2043.

He was Committee Member of Mnisuvratswami Jain Derasar, Trustee & President of Bombay Timber Merchants Association and Committee Member of Mehta Dispensary (Morbi).

He will be remembered for his donations for Office of the Yuvak mandal, Wadi project of Mota Mandal ( which has yet to materialize ), Donation to start Yuvak/ Yuvati Milan Samaroh. During his tenure as President Vastipatrak of Entire Samaj Was published.

May His Soul rest in peace and May the family members of the deceased face the calamity that has befallen on them due to death of Harendrabahi with courage.