Thursday, May 31, 2012

Samaj Utkarsh Volume No 571 April 2012

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Please Note : 1)There are two contradictory items on Page 5. One says there are 5 distribution centers and other says there are 4 distribution centers for Note books & stationery items.
2) Dates of distribution of Note Books stated on page 22 are all incorrect. 
3) We will have to wait till the clarification is made in the next Samaj Utkarsh.

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Crazy Funny Robot In Brazil

Don't believe in what you see or don't see what you believe.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Awesome Sports

A compilation of the most awesome bicycle, snowboard, ski, snowmobile, parkour, diving, rallycar and skate sports clips of 2011.   Don't try this at home! 

Sunday, May 27, 2012


Native : Wankaner
Currently At :  Bhayander, Mumbai
Name of the deceased : Ramniklal Kapurchand Mehta
Age : 88 Years
Date of Death : 25-05-2012
Sons : Maheshbhai, Nalinbhai,Pradipbhai, Late Hiteshbhai
Daughters-in-Law :  Late Gitaben,Minaben, Alkaben
Daughter : Varshaben
Nephews : Rohitbhai, Rajeshbhai, Late Pankajbhai,Kamleshbhai, Jiteshbhai, Hareshbhai
Nieces : Ranjanben, Bhartiben,Harshaben
Sisters : Late Prabhaben, Late Dayaben,, Shushilaben, Late Kanchanben
Father :Late Kapurchand Valji Mehta (Wankaner)

May his soul rest in peace



Native : Wankaner
Currently At :  Kandivali, Mumbai
Name of the deceased : Kantilal Durlabhji Mehta
Age : 81 Years
Date of Death : 23-05-2012
Wife :Induben
Sons : Rajesh, Digant
Daughters-in-Law :  Jyotsna, Jayshree
Daughters : Nikita Mahesh Shah, Hetal Manish Varia
Father-in-Law :Late Manilal Laxmichand Sheth (Wankaner)

May his soul rest in peace